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Gleipnir Season 2: Renewal Status + Plot Spoilers

Gleipnir Season 2, will it ever happen?

Animes often can come up with bizarre and weird storylines as opposed to the usual shonen character saving the world or the cliché isekai protagonist reincarnating into an overpowered knight.

Sometimes the narratives shift to phycological supernatural thrillers wherein characters portray different personalities and create intriguing sequences.

An example of this mysterious description was the anime adaption of Sun Takeda s’ manga series, Gleipnir, which hit the small screens in the Fall 2020.

The story follows Shuichi, a high school student with excellent academic performance. One day he noticed a strange change in his body as he recovered from myopia and gained an acute sense of smell.  

The same night, he smells a fire several kilometers away and goes over to check it out of curiosity. 

In the burning building, he sees a girl trapped inside and decides to save her by transforming into a dog-like monster mascot. 

He breaks through the wall with great power and carries the girl to a safe place. When Shuichi goes home, he finds his cell phone missing, probably leaving it at the scene of the fire last night.

The following day, the girl is revealed to be Claire Aoki, who confronts Shuichi about his monster identity, which he denies. 

Desperate to confirm her suspicion, Claire pushes him off the roof, but Shuichi saves himself by transforming once again.

Claire snaps his picture in the monster form and demands to know everything about it; however, Shuichi does not know about the transformation happening.

In truth, Claire is collecting information as she has been searching for her sister, who also turned into a monster. 

With incriminating images of Shuichi, Claire enlists his help to track down her sister. Can the unlikely pair of Claire and Shuichi uncover the truth about monsters and find the former s sister is the central plot of the show?

Gleipnir was received with mixed reviews however, fans who enjoyed the first season are wondering if there will be a second installment or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Gleipnir Season 2.

Gleipnir is rated 6.9/10 and ranked #4028 with 462k members on MyAnimeList


Source by Pine Jam

Gleipnir Season One aired from 5th April 2020 to 28th June 2020 for 13 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from studio Pine Jam on the renewal of Gleipnir Season 2.

Gleipnir Season 15th April 2020
Gleipnir Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

Financially, the Blu-Ray sales were poor, with Volume One only selling 163 units, while the numbers for the second and third were not high enough to make the list.

As mentioned earlier, Gleipnir was an above-average anime at best however it was the fifth top-rated series of the Spring 2020 slate.

Fans were kept engaged enough throughout the series, which is further evidenced by its IMDB user episode rating.

Gleipnir Episode 17.3
Gleipnir Episode 27.6
Gleipnir Episode 37.6
Gleipnir Episode 47.6
Gleipnir Episode 57.5
Gleipnir Episode 66.9
Gleipnir Episode 77.9
Gleipnir Episode 87.6
Gleipnir Episode 97.2
Gleipnir Episode 107.5
Gleipnir Episode 117.0
Gleipnir Episode 127.9
Gleipnir Episode 137.1
Source: IMDB

Even if we consider the reviews, ratings, and profits as admissible, a crucial factor for renewal will be the availability of studio and source material.

Studio Pine Jam, albeit not a big production house, has produced popular series like Just Because, Kageki Shojo, and Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible.

Currently, only one project, i.e., Paradox Live the Animation, is scheduled for October 2023; hence the production schedule isn’t stacked per se.

However, studio Pine Jam is yet to produce a sequel for past animes, which could spell as bad news for fans hoping for Gleipnir Season 2.

The manga is also set to end with Volume 14, and since animes are just an advertisement for the source material, studio Pine Jam might not revisit for a sequel.

Furthermore, the ending of season one was different from that of the manga, which could indicate the creators didn’t plan for season two.

Post the conclusion of season one, there was not enough source material left however the good news is there is as many as six volumes available to produce Gleipnir Season 2.

All in All, considering the studio s’ history of renewal of Gleipnir manga ending with Volume 14, it’s highly unlikely that Gleipnir Season 2 will be happening.

Hence any expecting any updates on Gleipnir Season 2 trailer and Gleipnir Season 2 release date could be a long pointless wait.


Gleipnir manga CATCHUP
Source by Pine Jam

Gleipnir manga is written and illustrated by Sun Takeda. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Seinen manga magazine Young Magazine from 6th October 2015 to 6th April 6, 2021.

The manga has been collected into 14 volumes, with the latest issue released on 20th April 2023.

Gleipnir manga is rated 6.9/10 and ranked #8839 with 40k members on MyAnimeList


Gleipnir Season 2 PLOT
Source by Pine Jam

In the final episode of Gleipnir season one, “We Two Are One,” Shuichi demands all coins from the gathering. Claire visits the house, affirming Shuichi is careless in regards to how unkempt it is and the passing of his parents because of Elena’s control. 

Their hair pieces of jewelry tumble off, and Koyanagi consents to gather all coins for Elena. Elena stresses assuming Shuichi recollects reality and Chihiro gives the currencies to her. Claire shows the doll to Elena, making Shuichi recall. 

Elena attempts to delete their memory, yet he and Claire retaliate. Elena lets Shuichi know that she killed his parents to safeguard him had she not eradicated his memory. 

The young lady shows up, and Shuichi nearly calls her Honoka, Elena states she is another person. 

Elena eradicates their memories, and the young lady escapes. The fact of the matter is that Kaito kept all coins, so nobody could track down the boat.

However, by eradicating Shuichi’s memory, Elena guaranteed he knew nothing about the boat, holding him back from being targeted unless he recalls. 

Despite being an amnesiac, Shuichi pledges to end the game and goes to the woods with Claire and Sanbe.

Gleipnir Season One covered the first six volumes of the manga, which means Gleipnir Season 2 will begin by adapting Volume 7.

The official summary of Volume 7 is as follows, but before reading, here is a warning Spoiler Alert.

Gleipnir Season 2 characters will see Shuichi, Claire, and university student Tadanori Sanbe preparing to journey to the alien ship’s crash site.

Claire answered that girls questioned if they were not to kill them. The enemies would have killed them. It is most likely defending itself from enemies. Claire gives her an option. 

If she says about the man who collected the 100 coins, she can leave this place and go to the alien to heal her hand. The give asked Claire another favor. 

The girl said the location and appearance of the man. He is staying in a secluded forest two km from here. He looks like a high school boy; he even wears a school uniform; his name is Kaito. He stays there to prevent others from getting the coins.

 So, no one will become strong as him. He is there near the space crash. His power is to revive the dead. Kaito calls his power as “REBIRTH.” 

Shuichi asked her why does he collect the coins? She said that he wants to bring back a person to life. Now, she asked Claire to kill her. 

As she said about Kaito’s power. She and Shiraishi were killed by him and revived by Kaito if they were trying to kill themselves. 

The bug Kaito infused in them will heal them and make them fight them, even if they are against it. Right now, the bug is devouring her real body. 

What they are seeing is just a mimic of herself. Shuichi and Claire point the gun at her head and shoot her.

Kaito comes to know that the two of them have died. At the time, Naoto came there to see Kaito. Kaito says that Honoka wishes to see him. 

Naoto got angry at the monster that Kaito made, which looks like Honokaa. Kaito got mad when Naoto said what he made is a monster.

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Source by Pine Jam

Gleipnir is directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda with a series composition by Shinichi Inotsume. 

Characters are designed by Takahiro Kishida, and the music is composed by Ryohei Sataka. Animation is produced by studio Pine Jam with art design from Yuka Okamoto. 

You can find the list of Gleipnir characters and voice cast below:

 Clair AokiNao Tōyama
 Shuichi KagayaNatsuki Hanae
 HonokaHaruka Shiraishi
 Tadanori SanbeHiroki Yasumoto
 Miku AiharaHisako Kanemoto
 Elena AokiKana Hanazawa
 Chihiro YoshiokaKana Ichinose
 Isao KasugaKazutomi Yamamoto
 KaitoKouki Uchiyama
 Nana MifuneMiku Itō
 MadokaMitsuo Iwata
 NaotoRyota Ohsaka
 HikawaShizuka Ishigami
 Sayaka KoyanagiShizuka Itou
 IkeuchiShōya Chiba
 AlienTakahiro Sakurai
 Yota MurakamiTakuma Terashima
Yō TaichiSubaru
 AbukawaYoshiaki Hasegawa


Source by Pine Jam

While not officially canceled, the prospect of Gleipnir Season 2 happening is extremely bleak.

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