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Disney+ Loki series: The Reason Behind Classic Loki’s Laugh Before He Dies

In the 5th episode of the Loki series, Classic Loki is seen laughing moments before his death. Portrayed by Richard E. Grant, Classic Loki sacrifices himself in Loki episode 5, and he laughs like a lunatic while doing so. Why is Classic Loki laughing while sacrificing himself? Is there a reason behind his deranged laugh?

The Reason Behind Classic Loki's Laugh Before He Dies

With the 5th episode of the Loki series, it was revealed that the God of Mischief was sent to a void at the end of the time after being pruned by Ravonna Renslayer. However, lady Loki self prunes herself to the void as she believes that the person in charge of the Time Variance Authority is hidden beyond the void. 

Disney+ Loki series introduces Classic Loki in its latest episode

Upon arriving at the void, both the Loki variants meet several other versions of Loki, including the Classic Loki and soon finds out that the creator and controller of the Time Variance Authority could be using Alioth to hide.

The Reason Behind Classic Loki's Laugh Before He Dies

Given his dangerous personality in Marvel Comics, the cloud-like beast who can consume matter and energy seems unbeatable at first. The creature acted as a garbage dump for the time variance authority eating anyone or anything pruned by the TVA and sent into the void.

 Loki initially plans to kill Alioth but later realises that it’s not as easy as he thought. However, during her encounter with Alioth, lady Loki has a brief vision and learns that she can enchant the beast. She devises a plan to take control of Alioth’s mind somehow to reveal the one controlling the Time Variance Authority.

Classic Loki Sacrifices Himself To Help Loki and Lady Loki

The Reason Behind Classic Loki's Laugh Before He Dies

Sylvie’s plan works, revealing Alioth was guarding a mysterious floating fortress. However, her plan wouldn’t have worked without classic Loki. At first, Classic Loki leaves the God of Mischief and Sylvie to fend for themselves but later returns to help them distract Alioth. To give Sylvie and Loki enough time to enchant the beast, classic Loki makes up a fake Asgard.

The plan worked for Loki and Sylvie, but it didn’t turn out well for Classic Loki as Alioth finally sees him and eats him. Before his demise, Classic Loki laughs hysterically and yells glorious purpose. Considering he’s about to die, it’s odd to see someone laughing maniacally in their last moments.

Why Classic Loki Laughs Like A Maniac Before His Death?

The Reason Behind Classic Loki's Laugh Before He Dies

The reason why Classic Loki laughs at his death is that he is tired of his existence. After running away from Thanos in his original timeline, he realises he is in a lifetime relationship with misery. In Loki series episode 5, several Loki variants come together and ambush Classic Loki’s secret hideout. Still, he successfully manages to escape with Loki, alligator Loki and kid Loki while saying that the Loki variants can never change; each one of them is broken.

But his death proves that he was wrong as he sacrificed himself to help Loki and lady Loki and proved he is not selfish like the other Loki variants. He gave up his life while helping others and proved that he had a glorious purpose, and that’s why he laughs, realising the silliness of the situation.

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Credit – Marvel

His demise is also a call-back to his roots in the Marvel Comics as he is not like the other Loki variants, especially Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Tom Hiddleston Loki is a fascinating antihero. He is a damaged man who is ruined by the truth of his origin, childhood, and upbringing, Whereas Classic Loki is a complete villain. He is vicious, and he wants to unravel chaos. As an over the top villain, it’s apparent that he would have a maniacal laugh matching his personality. But by sacrificing himself, Classic Loki left his past behind and the person he once was. After being a bad person for the majority of his life, dying as a hero is kind of humorous.

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