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Stranger Things 5- Ending Hints Toward The Original Eleven Death Plan

Stranger Things 5 can be highly anticipated to end with our star Eleven’s death; this is suggested through The Duffer brothers’ tease about the season.

PS- Spoilers for Stranger Things season 4, Volume 1 ahead.

Duffer brothers have teased that Stranger Things 5 can have a super-emotional ending; this was a hint that the original plan for Eleven’s fated death could be followed.

The popularity of Stranger Things!

The popularity of Stranger Things!
Source Netflix

When Stranger Things premiered in 2016, it was one of Netflix’s first major original TV series and the OTT giant’s only gigantic success show at that time. Being one of Netflix’s first of its type show, no one- not even the cast and makers expected it to be such a huge success.

Today, Stranger Things has an incredible following of fans who support the story, which directly and positively affects their considerable budget. Stranger Things was originally formed to be a miniseries, but Netflix later decided to allow it to expand its lifespan, resulting in a successful five-season show.

As of now, the show is loved and popular among fans, and it is one of the most-streamed series on Netflix and has broken multiple records. But every great thing is bound to end; likewise, Stranger Things 5 will be the last season of this show.

The next season will conclude the long-running battle of life for Hawkins Residents for their lives against Vecna and Upside Down. Like the show, the story of supernatural Eleven may also end. Duffer brothers themselves have teased about the possible spin-offs of Stranger Things.

Did Eleven die in Stranger Things 5?

Did Eleven die in Stranger Things 5?
Source Netflix

As discussed above, Stranger Things was originally pitched as a miniseries for the platform Netflix. Had it been the format that was followed, it would have ended with Eleven’s death in the process of her destroying the Upside Down for good.

Later more seasons were planned, which led to Stranger Things 1- Epilogue, where Hopper would be leaving Eggos for Eleven aka Jane Ives, played by Millie Bobbie Brown, in the forest and Will puking out slugs. It revealed that Eleven survived the finale, but the Upside Down was still hunting the public of Hawkins.

Now that we have established that the original plot for the show involved Eleven dying a horrifying but heroic death let’s discuss what emotion-filled finale we can now expect from Stranger Things 5.

Duffer brothers originally wanted to kill off Eleven while saving the world, serving her purpose as a true hero, and now they have clearly said that the finale with bringing tears to fans’ eyes; it is only plausible that they kill Eleven to make their point.

The creators might be planning on hitting the sensitive nerve of the audience where they put our hero in trouble and possibly killing her as the climax of the series. It was the original fate written for Eleven anyway, and Stranger Things 5 is surely raising curiosity.

As the Duffer brothers teased about the show’s finale, they told us what to expect from Stranger Things 5. They revealed that the team at Netflix also reacted with sad emotions to the ending, and they said they saw “executives crying who have never been seen cry before.”

Their emotions can also be triggered by the end of an era for them as Stranger Things comes to an end next season. But this also establishes the fact that the ending is going to be intense, no doubt.

Although The Duffer brothers did not exactly point towards a specific plotline for either Stranger Things 5 or its ending, a hero dying while saving the world could be one of the biggest reasons why it will insinuate such an emotional reaction on the part of the audience. Therefore Eleven death is one of the biggest fear the fans are in right now.

Will Eleven sacrifice herself to save Hawkins and her friends exactly how it was originally supposed to end for her?

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Conclusion June 23
Source Netflix

There will be an emotional ending of Stranger Things season 5, which is clear from the Duffers brothers’ teaser, suggesting that fans will be moving and will want more of the show. Although they cannot kill off all the main characters from the series, they can create a sad climax even if they do not die.

The show is headed towards the path of the dark storyline as the conclusion comes nearer.

The makers have already confirmed that Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2 finale will not end on a happy note. Season 5 will continue with the consequences of the cast’s decisions on the show and the characters’ battle with super villain Vecna.

Eleven is the only one who has an actual connection with the Upside Down; it can either save Hawkins or put it in more danger than ever before. Finally, the original plan of Eleven’s death could be followed in Stranger Things 5 as their ultimate surprise.

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