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Princess Agents: Here’s the latest updates on Princess Agents Season 2

Princess agents is a popular Chinese drama based on the novel Chu Tegong Huang Fei written by Xiao Jiang Doing Er(princess agents season 2). The show is directed by Wu Jinyuan and produced by Ma Zongzhu and Zhao Yifang. The show’s first season got positive feedback from the fans, and now The Princess agents 2 is reportedly one of the most anticipated seasons of this year. Fans are eagerly waiting for a proposed Princess agents 2 release date.

When was Princess Agents Season one released?

Princess Agents Season 2 d

Princess Agents season 1 first aired in 2017 with 67 episodes of 45 minutes each on the TV version of the drama and 58 episodes of 45 minutes each on the Uncut version of the show. The entire show was filmed in China, and all the dialogues were in Mandarin.

Will Princess Agents Season 2 Happen?

Princess Agents Season 2 d

Ever since season one of the amazing Chinese drama ended, fans have been demanding a Princess Agents season 2. However, the makers have not announced the renewal of the Chinese drama yet. The second season of Princess agents will most likely be based on the drama of vengeance.

Without a second season of Princess Agents, fans won’t get to see their favorite characters and find out what happens next, as the first season ended with a cliffhanger. The first season of the show ran from June 5, 2017, to August 2017. Season one got so popular that it received a viewership of over 40 million on Chinese streaming sites and an IMDb rating of 9.8 out of 10. So will princess agents get a second season?

For now, we haven’t received any updates from the makers of the show. But given it’s a huge fan base, there are not many reasons it should be canceled. If Princess Agents season 2 happens, it will most likely come out by 2022. 

The cast of Princess Agents Season 2

Princess Agents Season 2 d

Not much has been revealed about Princess agents cast either. We’re not sure whether the same cast will appear in Princess agents season 2 or there will be new additions. In the previous season, Li qin played Yuan Chun, Shaw Dou played Yan Xun, Zhao Liang played Chu Kiao, and Lin Gengxin played Yuwan Yu.

What is Princess Agents Drama Series About?

Princess Agents Season 2 d

If Princess Agents 2 happen, it will pick up from where season one is left. Princess Agents’ plot is set in the ancient time where slavery is still practiced. In the previous season, we saw Yun-Shin being cruel and determined to take revenge for his loss. Later in the season, Yu goes to look for Chu Yu when he sees Yu Wen Yu. Both of them were crying in the water. Yu Wen Yu was trying to get him out of the water. Will he stay with Yu When Yu or save his own life?

Is there a trailer or teaser for Princess Agents Season 2?

Princess Agents Season 2 d

So far, there has been no trailer or teaser for Princess Agents 2. Hopefully, fans will soon receive a final release date and trailer for the second season of Princess Agents. Until then, we suggest you give it a go for those who haven’t watched the fantastic Chinese drama. 

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