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My Hero Academia: Here's everything you should know about Aizawa | SuperHero ERA

My Hero Academia: Here’s everything you should know about Aizawa

My hero Academy is a quite popular Japanese manga series. Written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi(aizawa), My hero academia has been published in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014. The manga series has plenty of unusual characters. Over the course of the years fans have come to love and appreciate these unique characters especially the U.A. high school teacher, Shota Eraserhead Aizawa. He is one of the most striking character of the series.

Aizawa teaches the unruly group of young heroes in class 1-A. The reason he is so admired and intriguing is his bold, honest attitude and sleepy nature. Although he is one of the most loved character of the series, there is not much information about him and his life outside the school.

Is Aizawa married? Does he have children?

My Hero Academia should know about Aizawa
Credit – Shueisha

Aside from being a dedicated teacher, Shouta Aizawa is a professional hero , known as Eraserhead. He is the homeroom teacher for class 1A in U.A. high. Like we mentioned before, there is not much known about his life outside of the school so it’s hard to tell whether he is married or not.

we might not know about his own children but we have seen him taking over the role of Eri’s guardian and foster dad.

Who is Aizawa?

My Hero Academia should know about Aizawa
Credit – Shueisha

Also known as Eraserhead, Aizawa Shouta is a professional hero. The nurturing and strange man is also the homeroom teacher for Class 1-A. The man does not believe in appearances as he is very logical and don’t find the need to filter his words or opinions for others. He is stern, reserved and a very dedicated teacher who has good intentions for his students.

He may seem a little indifferent at first, but he genuinely cares about his students and will do anything to keep them safe. He has faith in his students and believes that his student would not be influenced by bad guys.

Is Eri and Aziawa related?

My Hero Academia should know about Aizawa
Credit – Shueisha

Eri was the main reason behind Kai Chisaki’s experiment to produce a quirk eliminating drug. The rewind quirky girl is also the granddaughter of the Shie Hassaikai’s boss. even after she is rescued she still couldn’t smile and experience happiness as Kai did a number on her. however her behavior starts to change when she arrives at the U.A. faculty and lives under the guardianship of Shouta Aizawa.

Is Eri Aziawa’s daughter?

My Hero Academia should know about Aizawa
Credit – Shueisha

Eri is not Shouta Aizawa’s daughter. After izuku defeated overhaul, eri was unable to control her quirk. Thereby Aizawa was called on the scene to do something about her out of control quirk. Since then he has been acting as a guardian for Eri. Aziawa has been taking care of her while she lives in the U.A. faculty. Eri may not be his real daughter but Aizawa takes care of her like his own daughter without any objections.

While taking care of Eri, he is also trying to heal Eri from her drastic mental and physical trauma caused by overhaul. He also takes help from izuku and Mirio to help her control her emotions in a better way. Even though, Eri is not his real daughter, Aziawa is very dedicated and attentive towards her. He fulfills all the responsibilities and duties of a guardian.

More about My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia should know about Aizawa
Credit – Shueisha( )

The manga series follows a quirk less boy Izuku Midoriya who seconded the greatest hero alive and it’s still unknown how he did it. Midoriya who is smitten by heroes and their endeavors ever since he was a baby, was born in this world without a quirk. However one day he meets the greatest hero of all time and finds out that he was quirk less  as well. Midoriya successfully manages to impress the all might hero with his enthusiastic attitude and persistent enthusiasm about becoming a hero. Later on he is chosen to be the successor to the power of one for all.

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