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The Witcher showrunner on the perfect casting of Vesemir and other WitcherCon highlights

The conversation with The Witcher, exhibitor and Managing Director, Lauren Hissrich, was one of Witchercon’s many joys(Vesemir). The Witcher family Henry Cavill, Kim Bodnia, their favorite two characters in this season, Kaer Morhen, and her narrative, how she managed various family ties, spoke strongly about many parts of season two.

Kaer Morhen, Henry Cavill, and the Witchers’ connection

Credit : Netflix

The family is at the heart of the 2-story season, says Hissrich, and Kaer Morhen is home. Drafting Hissrich:

“Homestead is Kaer Morhen. There is so much we discuss family in The Witcher. So we began our friendship with it. Henry is from a brothers’ family, and so it’s something we’ve talked about and how to be part of a big family. He’s also from a military household.

We spoke a lot of the Witchers were like a military family. You all go, and they have their own experiences, and it’s hazardous, and you don’t know whether or not your brothers will return. And while they do, each winter, they meet up, and that’s when you can ease and be oneself. So the great thing we did was making everyone feel at home, and they got a lot of stuff at home.”

Season 2’s favorite character, according to the showrunner.

Credit : Netflix

Lauren was first hesitant to identify her favorite character from season two, but after coaxing from presenter Julia Hardy, she revealed him to be none other than Vesemir.

“In Season 2, we’re adding a lot of new characters. For the first time, we get to witness Dijkstra, as well as the Redanian Kingdoms. I know many fans are looking forward to seeing Philippa, Codringher and Fenn, Rience, and Nenneke for the first time. There are many of them, but Vesemir is the one I’m most excited to meet during our audience gathering.

Vesemir plays such an important role in this season’s plot. We’re back to Kaer Morhen for the first time, and in a season where Geralt is becoming a father to Ciri, it felt essential to learn more about his father figure. And because Vesemir and Ciri have stories of their own, you wind up with this intergenerational tale, and it starts to seem like, “Oh, all of these people are supposed to be interacting, learning from one other, and battling with each other.”

Vesemir, played by Kim Bodnia, and favorite scene from Season 2

Credit : Netflix

Lauren praises Kim Bodnia’s performance as Vesemir as “wonderful.” Hissrich says of a moment between Kim Bodnia and Freya Allan,”

“We were filming a scene between Vesemir and Ciri at the Kaer Morhen lab. We battled with it for a whole day since it’s such an intense scene with so much going on. It’s most likely my favorite sequence from the season. It’s well-acted and breathtaking. Every time I see the moment, it makes me cry.”

In Season 2, Lauren discusses how she handled Geralt and Ciri’s friendship.

Credit : Netflix

Unlike the novels, Geralt and Ciri meet only at the very final stage of Season 1, which has prompted many fans to worry about the strong father-daughter connection between two individuals who have met. How she managed this, Hissrich explains.

“We got one of the most dramatic sequences, I believe, after Season 1, which is that Geralt and Ciri meet each other after they’ve both searched throughout the season… And it looks like we have a dad and his daughter, and at this moment, everything will be fine, but they never met.

So it was incredibly exciting to start thinking about Season 2; well, they’re not quite a family. How are they to grow? What do you do if you’re a person like Geralt, who swore he needs nobody in the world?

Then there’s a girl who’s just in his care now. And we have Ciri, who used to be under human care but has been running for all of us for a whole season, and now he says this guy will take care of you.

And so it was wonderful to start a bit hesitant about how they should be with each other in Season 2, and truly they have to grow into it. We wanted to make sure they didn’t only feel like a true connection at the outset.”

“I want to know stuff, what is required to become a witcher, how Geralt became a witcher, where his journey began, and who played an essential part for him,” Lauren Hissrich mentioned.

Credit : Netflix

“It is going to make fans who are familiar with this show feel like they will come again to The Witcher,” Beau DeMayo, writer, stated. “I hope that the experience will be unique. “Even I’m thrilled to witness the action for the fans. It’s quite fantastic.”

We anticipate finding out more about the narrative and the character arcs for five months before the second season’s debut. We are looking forward to more intriguing interviews with Lauren Hissrich and the actors. Keep on with the RDI, as we cover two promos for the season.

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