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What If Ultron fought against Thanos in Infinity War? If Ultron is Hero just like Vision.

So Hello Guys, have you ever wondered what would have happened if Tony and Bruce had managed to make Ultron in Age of Ultron, and if Ultron had encountered Thanos team in the future(Avengers Infinity War).

What would have been the result, because the purpose of making Ultron was that it should be the protector of Earth, which saves Earth from an extra-terrestrial thread. In today’s article, we are going to discuss this.

In today’s article, we will try to find out with help Ultron, did the Avenger defeat, Thanos, in Avengers Infinity War, whether the Avengers loses with Ultron in Avengers Infinity War despite them.

So let’s start our this theory now, this story begins with the Avengers Age of Ultron where Tony and Bruce manage to make Ultron and now before knowing if Ultron can beat the Thanos Whether or not, first we see what changes may have occurred in the MCU due to Ultron’s creation because Ultron’s programming success has completed, that why Sokovia city will never destroy.

They do not need to create Vision. It means that the Mind stone will still be with the Avengers and why was no Sokovia city destroyed and we will never see Sokovia Accords happen. The matter of Zemo, the Zemo family, will still be alive. That means Zemo will never control the mind of Bucky, and Tony will not know the reality of his parents dead.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver may still hate Tony Stark. Still, if in future there will any significant danger happen then they must join Along with them, along with Wakanda king T’Chaka will be alive, and the reality of Wakanda will be hidden from the whole world. Even the events of the Civil War will never happen, and the Avengers will also never be separated.

All the events of Thor Ragnarok will be regular, but Thor will never be a meeting of Hulk on the Sakaar plant because Hulk never left Earth and he will still be in his human form. May be Thor won from Hella without Hulk, but more Asgard Guardians will be killed here because Hulk will not be there to save them.

Odin must also be dead, and while killing Hala, Asguard will also be destroyed, and if we talk about Tesseract, then the Tesseract will work still with Loki.Doctor Strange and Guardian of the Galaxy most event same. In MCU there was no Civil War, but Tony will somehow include Spider-Man in the Avengers, and the suit that Peter got in the Civil War will get him some time later.

Last significant change which occurs by this theory was Quicksilver never dead because, in Avengers Age of Ultron, Quick Silver dies due to Ultron while saving Hawkeye and child. So it’s mean we can see Quick Silver in future with his awesome super speed just like in X-man or better than X-Man scene.
These were all the events that would have been created due to the creation of Ultron, and now we fall on the man plot, now it is finally the turn of Thanos, that which might destroy Xandar and kill the Collector for power stone and Realty stone.

As same as to get the Time Stone and Mind stone as before, they will send their black orders (Thanos Children) to Earth and this time both Infinity Stones will not be in two different places but in New York where Time Stone will have with the Doctor Strange and Mind Stone will have with Ultron. This time all Avengers will be together to face Black Orders, and then the entire Iron Legion of Ultron and Tony will be with the Avengers themselves.
So, I don’t It seems that like last time, this time Ebony Maw will be able to take Doctor Strange with him.

All these Black Orders have to go back empty-handed, or maybe this time the Avengers will kill Black Order when Thanos knows that his Back Orders is dead, then the Thanos attack with an entire army to Earth and the battle that we got to see in the endgame, we might get to see the Infinity War. Now because the Avengers would be facing a significant danger, then the Thor and Ant Man will also join this battle later, and we have to notice here that battle between Avengers and Thanos will be New York not in Wakanda.

Which means that Nick Fury will also be present there and then in view of this danger, he will also call Captain Marvel for help by Pager and maybe the Guardians of the Galaxy will join battel and Doctor Strange also call all the Magicians of Earth in this battel to support the Avengers.

We can get a wonderful fight and maybe this time Avengers defeat Thanos successful because he Thanos have this time two Infinity Stone and the Avengers also have two Infinity Stones, if Captain Marvel wanted it then he wasn’t a job from his Infinity Gauntlet to Infinity Stones Kareka could not give him a slap and maybe this time he was together with the Avengers Ultron Succeeding in stopping it, but perhaps a lot of Avengers may have been killed in this pattern, but still I think it was on that will not be defeated, what is your opinion about this battle, you came up If you can vote on the button, then the cow.

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