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Witcher Anime New Movie: Possible Title Revealed

We are going to have a new live-action prequel, a Witcher anime movie whose title has been shared now.

One word, ‘Witcher’, has a lot of things attached to it now. It started with Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish author who wrote some novels and short stories about a Witcher named Geralt of Rivia. The books were praised a lot and created a new fan base. Afterwards, the video games were created on the basis of Witcher world, and the gamers played it all day. The video games were too loved by the players, as it was modified with new versions.

The Witcher World: How Long Do The Witchers Live
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Looking at the response of the world towards the Witcher novels and video games, Lauren S. Hissrich, American Television Producer, thought of making a series in English so the whole world could experience the adventures of the Witcher. The Witcher series was released on Netflix in the year 2019, which introduced all the main characters through different timelines.

The second season of the Witcher series was released in the year 2021, which entailed a lot of exciting action and horrifying monsters, along with the revelation of the biggest villains. The viewers fell in love with the Witcher Series’ characters, and it entered the list of ‘most-viewed’ series on Netflix. The Witcher Season 3 is on its way now, and the fans couldn’t wait for it to be released.

Netflix Witcher Anime Movie

Witcher Anime Movie: Possible Title Revealed
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The universe of Witcher is expanding rapidly, with various projects in the franchise given a greenlight. Apart from the Witcher Season 3 in the filming process, a live-action prequel, Blood Origin, is on its way featuring Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown and Laurence O’Fuarain.

In the last month, we got to know about the possibility of a prequel series which is going to include some of the fan-favourite characters like Lambert, Coen, and Eskel. Another animated movie in The Witcher franchise is being developed by Studio Mir. The first anime movie, The Nightmare of the Wolf, was a hit, because of which Netflix has approved another project.

According to The Cosmic Circus, the new Witcher anime would probably be titled ‘The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep’ reportedly. However, we don’t have any other information about the Witcher anime movie, but we can hope that the anime is in its development phase with Studio Mir.

Witcher Anime Movie: Possible Title Revealed
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The title of the new anime, ‘The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep,’ indicates that it would be focused on a different adventure of Witchers. It can be the prequel featuring Lambert, Coen and Eskel, or it can be a totally different project.

Sirens are a kind of creature mentioned in Greek mythology, and in the witcher books, readers are aware of them. The players of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would have met with Sirens and lamias, whose job is to lure men near them by using their own bodies as a decoy. According to Greek mythology, the Sirens can transform themselves into beautiful women. This could mean that the new Witcher anime ‘Sirens of the Deep’ is going to be Geralt’s endless Skellige boat adventures.

If everything reported about the new Netflix Witcher anime is true, the title could reveal the narrative of the anime, which is going to be somewhere alongside the Continent’s shore. Apart from the title, there is nothing shared about the new Witcher anime movie, so there is no Witcher anime release date. We’ll update the website when more has been shared by Netflix about its new Witcher anime movie.

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