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Extraction 2 Makes Its Netflix Debut As The Biggest Movie Of 2023 (And Even Surpasses A Massive 2022 Hit)

Netflix has announced that Extraction 2 has emerged as their top movie premiere of 2023, surpassing a significant hit from 2022.

Extraction 2 has officially claimed the title of Netflix’s most significant movie premiere in 2023, surpassing one of the streaming platform’s notable releases from 2022.

Starring Chris Hemsworth as the mercenary Tyler Rake, this sequel follows the success of the popular action film released in 2020.

Directed by Sam Hargrave, a former stuntman turned director, Extraction 2 has garnered predominantly positive reviews, with many considering it an improvement over its predecessor.

According to recent reports from Netflix via Collider, Extraction 2 has achieved remarkable success as the streaming platform’s biggest movie debut in 2023, outperforming the Jennifer Lopez action film The Mother.

In the initial three days of its premiere, the sequel amassed a remarkable 42.8 million views, contributing to a cumulative global watch time of 88 million hours.

This impressive debut of Extraction 2 surpasses the 82.14 million hours of watch time achieved by 2022’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, although it falls slightly behind last year’s The Gray Man, which recorded 88.55 million hours of watch time.

The Reason for Extraction 2’s Success

The Reason for Extraction 2's Success
The Reason for Extraction 2’s Success

Netflix struck gold with the release of the initial Extraction in 2020, which received a mixed response from critics but resonated strongly with audiences.

The film’s success can be attributed to Chris Hemsworth’s star power and the impressive action sequences that drew comparisons to the beloved John Wick franchise.

As a result, it quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular offerings. This set the stage for even greater anticipation surrounding Extraction 2.

The first installment of Extraction concluded with the protagonist, Rake, seemingly meeting his demise after sustaining a gunshot wound to the neck.

This cliffhanger likely piqued viewers’ curiosity, who were eager to discover how the character survived his injuries.

The marketing campaign and trailers for the sequel heavily emphasized larger and more elaborate action set pieces than the original film, with particular attention given to the highly-discussed 21-minute continuous shot sequence in Extraction 2.

Additionally, the sequel’s new location, shifting from the congested and hot streets of Dhaka to the chilly atmosphere of Eastern Europe, generated significant buzz and excitement.

Extraction 2 has several factors working in its favor. Firstly, early reviews of the film were more favorable than its predecessor, particularly highlighting the impressive technical aspects of the action sequences.

Moreover, the sequel has garnered a higher audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes compared to its predecessor, suggesting that viewers may have expressed positive recommendations for the film.

While Extraction 2 may not have surpassed the success of Netflix’s most famous movies like Red Notice or The Gray Man, its early performance strongly suggests that Extraction 3 is highly likely to be in the works.

Action Films Like ‘Extraction 2’ Should Be Seen in Theatres

Action Films Like 'Extraction 2' Should Be Seen in Theatres
Action Films Like ‘Extraction 2’ Should Be Seen in Theatres

Extraction 2, directed by Sam Hargrave, is a sequel to the action-packed but flawed original film, Extraction.

The primary focus of the sequel is centered around showcasing extended fight sequences and shootouts, aiming to provide viewers with exhilarating spectacles.

Starring Chris Hemsworth as the amusingly named Tyler Rake and driven by a narrative that needs more substantial depth, the film exhibits imperfections. However, it manages to captivate with its over-the-top spectacle, disregarding its slower-paced elements.

While there are moments where the wooden dialogue feels uninspired, there are still instances that bring a smile to your face due to the visual grandeur on display.

One can’t help but wonder how much more impactful the experience would have been if it had been viewed on the big screen rather than confined to the modern equivalent of a made-for-TV movie.

Extraction 2 continues the ongoing trend of films primarily released through streaming platforms like Netflix, missing out on the potential benefits of a theatrical release.

While not a unique occurrence, it brings to mind the previous year when Prey, despite its impressive stunts and captivating reinvention of the science fiction genre, was inexplicably relegated to a straight-to-Hulu release instead of being showcased in theaters to appreciate its grandeur fully.

While well-crafted films can still be enjoyed on smaller screens, there is an undeniable loss when they are not experienced in a theater setting. Part of it stems from the communal aspect, where audiences combine to immerse themselves in a thrilling cinematic journey and share collective reactions to what unfolds on screen.

Moreover, it is about witnessing a film as it was intended to be seen. There is a reason why action movies are often best experienced in theaters, allowing viewers to grasp the magnitude of visual achievements truly.

Although Extraction 2 falls short in certain aspects, with moments of stagnation, the impactful sequences featuring solid action suffer when they are not presented on the big screen.

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Instead of Going Too Big, Extraction 2 Cleverly Builds On The Action of Extraction

Instead of Going Too Big, Extraction 2 Cleverly Builds On The Action of Extraction
Instead of Going Too Big, Extraction 2 Cleverly Builds On The Action of Extraction

In contrast to other high-budget action films on Netflix, such as Red Notice and The Gray Man, Extraction 2 takes a different approach by not solely relying on spectacle-driven set pieces.

Instead, it elevates its action sequences by initially establishing the stakes for Chris Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake, and gradually escalating the intensity before introducing larger-scale elements like heavy weaponry and props.

A prime example is the memorable 21-minute continuous shot sequence in Extraction 2, which begins with a small-scale depiction of Tyler discreetly rescuing Ketevan and her children to avoid raising any alarms.

However, the stakes intensify when Davit wakes up and alerts his fellow prisoners, adding another tension to the scene.

The momentum of the action sequence intensifies even further as a confrontation unfolds between Tyler and Davit. Despite the odds, Tyler manages to overpower Davit with the assistance of Ketevan.

However, their triumph is short-lived as the chaos of a prison riot quickly engulfs them, pitting them against the entire prison population. The subsequent prison yard scene in Extraction 2 delivers a gripping experience, despite the absence of advanced weaponry or props.

It raises the bar previously set by the one-shot Dhaka escape scene in the first Extraction film through immersive action. This sequence showcases a relentless series of hand-to-hand combats, demonstrating Tyler’s resilience and determination to hold his ground against an entire army.

In Extraction 2, it is only after Tyler and Ketevan manage to board a train and escape their predicament that the film introduces CGI-driven moments featuring Tyler single-handedly taking down an entire helicopter.

This gradual buildup of tension and escalation of stakes for Tyler and his team gives the entire action scene significance. Extraction 2 allows the CGI moments to feel earned and impactful by avoiding a direct leap into a spectacle.

This approach sets the film apart from many other action films on Netflix that rely heavily on visual effects and great set pieces but often fail to engage viewers in the unfolding events fully.

Extraction 2 delivers a superior experience by carefully crafting its action sequences and creating a sense of investment in the characters’ struggles.

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