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Joker 2: Director confirms sequel and Reveals – working Title & Phoenix Return

The Director of Joker 2 confirmed the sequel’s script is ready and reveals a picture of Joaquin Phoenix reading the movie’s first draft. 

The team of Joker 2 seems to be moving forward as director Todd Phillips shares an image of the completed script, and Joaquin Phoenix, the lead cast is reading the first draft. Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, better known to his fans as Joker. He is one of those villains who are loved by the audience. 

As the director of Joker 2, Todd Phillips revealed in the Instagram post that the script is ready and already being read by the lead star, and anticipations have started to boil up. There have been several new developments in the sequel, and it includes- Joaquin Phoenix returning as the lead and the return of co-writer Scott Silver. 

What was in Todd Phillips Joker 2 Instagram reveal?

This post by the director of Joker 2, Todd, is the first announcement on updates about the sequel’s status. Phillips shared a picture of the cover of the new film’s script- Joker 2. Following that picture was a picture of Joaquin Phoenix, who is reading the first (current) draft of the movie. 

Check out Phillips’ reveal below: 

The script and the Instagram post seem to offer some hints about what the fans can expect of the Joker 2, with the subtitle: “Folie à Deux.” We can translate it into “Madness for Two,” which refers to a mental illness that can be transmitted to another being. The condition includes delusions and hallucinations; and this title could be a hint to the presence of more than one ‘Joker.’

Willem Dafoe recently brought up this concept and proposed a story where we see a lookalike of Joker, who can fight against Phoenix’s Joker. Fans quite well received the idea, and they even showed keenness towards seeing two Joker. 

This confirmation of Todd Phillips Joker 2 came a few days after rumors about Todd getting close to finalizing Joker 2, the sequel with Michael De Luca taking over as head of Warner Bros. with former MGM executive Pamela Abdy. 

Although the critics gave it a mild to a positive review, they were not particularly ‘impressed’ with the movie. But to the team’s surprise, it made a box office record and a history of earning $1 billion at the box office globally.

The movie was a hit, but it also led to 11 nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards, which included Best Director, Picture, and Adapted Screenplay. However, it did not win any prize that year and was beaten by Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite. Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor and Best Hildur Guðnadóttir for Original Score. 

Who is Arthur Fleck?

Arthur Fleck is a not-so-welling doing comedian- a clown, to be specific, who finds himself falling down a rabbit hole of madness in a crumbling 1981 Gotham City. 

He then starts taking his frustration out on those he deems responsible for the human race’s downfall and becomes the loved-yet-feared DC Comics villain- the Joker.

The cast of Joker 2 includes?

The cast of Joker 2
Source DC

Apart from Joaquin Phoenix return for Joker 2, other talented cast members have been confirmed for Joker 2. They include Robert De Niro, playing Murray Franklin; Zazie Beetz can be seen as Sophie Dumond and others like Shea Whigham, Marc Maron, Glenn Fleshler, Frances Conroy, and Bill Camp, and Brett Cullen. 

As far as the prequel goes, Joker, released in 2019, was well received by the audience and even received positive reviews from the critics. The first part was directed by Todd Phillips, who had also co-written it. Not only that, it was a box office HIT! It became the first R-rated film to collect over $1 billion at the global level. 

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Conclusion June 8
Source DC

Joker 2 has only been confirmed by Todd Phillips over an Instagram post; no further information has been revealed about the sequel, and we might not hear from the team for some time as the first draft of the script is being read. For the time being, the fans are rewatching Joker 2019, which is streaming on HBO Max.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker 2 has not even released its first look yet, and the fans are already excited to watch the sequel. The first movie did well for itself, and thus the audience’s excitement is permissible. 

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