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Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2: Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions

Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2, renewal status explored!

Sci-fi comedies are not as prevalent as they used to be, but Spring 2023 was different as the anime adaption of Mitsuru Kido s’ manga, Too Cute Crisis, or Kawaisugi Crisis hit the small screens.

The story follows Liza Luna, a girl from the space empire Azatos and a member of its Interstellar Survey Team,

Liza wanted to destroy Earth due to its low level of civilization but came to investigate it regardless.

Convinced that mankind has evolved at a pathetic rate as compared to other lifeforms, Liza inspects the behavior and lifestyle of humans.

Contrary to her preliminary disdain, Liza discovers the profound capacity for art, compassion, and highbrow pursuit inside human society. 

The cultural variety, achievements, and triumphs of humanity venture her preconceived notions of development. 

She becomes increasingly aware that evolution takes distinct bureaucracy and acknowledges the intrinsic value of the human spirit.

To understand food culture, Liza enters a cat café where she meets a cat and is completely overwhelmed by its curtness.

She begins to rethink her plan of destroying the earth as the investigator decides to find other adorable creatures, which, in turn, could prevent armageddon.

Kawaisugi Crisis Season One was a relative success, and after its completion, fans were wondering if there would be a second season or not.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2.

Kawaisugi Crisis is rated 6.8/10 and ranked #4708 with 34k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS The Too Cute Crisis SeaSon 2 release date
Source by SynergySP

Kawaisugi Crisis Season One aired from 7th April 2023 to 23rd June 2023 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from studio SynergySP on the renewal of Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2.

Kawaisugi Crisis Season 17th April 2023
Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production Studios consider various financial and commercial metrics before announcing a renewal.

As mentioned earlier, Kawaisugi Crisis Season One was well-received by fans and critics however, the sci-fi comedy wasn’t one of the top-rated animes of Spring 2023.

Another point of consideration for renewal is the availability of studio and source material.

Studio SynergySP currently has listed two new projects (Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2, and Mr. Villain s’ Day off) for 2023 and beyond, thus ruling out the prospect of swift renewal.

Furthermore, SynergySP is not renowned for producing sequels which could spell bad news for Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2.

Although there is sufficient source material available for a sequel, the ending of season one leaves a bold impression regarding the core identity of the series, which is no other than the comedic life of pet owners and animal admirers.

Hence, considering the studio s’ production capacity and the satisfaction of season one, it is unlikely Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2 will happen.

All in All, expecting any updates on Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2 Trailer and Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2 release date could be a pointless wait.


Too Cute Crisiss MANGA CATCHUP
Source by SynergySP

Kawaisugi Kuraishisu manga is written and illustrated by Mitsuru Kido. It began serialization in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine on 4th October 2019. The first tankōbon volume was released on 3rd April 2020.

As of writing, the manga has been collected into 7 volumes, with the latest issue released on 4th April 2023.

In 2020, the manga was one of the 50 nominees for the 6th Next Manga Awards in the print category.

Kawaisugi Kuraishisu manga is ranked #42667 and #19760 on popularity with 552 members on MyAnimeList


Too Cute Crisis Season 2 PLOT
Source by SynergySP

In the final episode of Kawaisugi Crisis Season One, “Too Cute,” the captain of Azatos Empire himself witnesses how cute Earth animals really are. 

The anime may be ended, but the spirit of Liza and her friends, both from the galaxy or from Earth, to keep falling in love with animals will live forever.

The first part brings us the dignity and pride of the Azatosians researcher who claims that no animals on Earth are cuter than his weird ugly pet on his lap, which ends up knocked down just like his men after seeing panda and giraffes on Earth.

What is so funny to think about is the fact that this entire time, the Azatosians always have a low standard to say whether an animal is cute or not. 

It is because most of the creatures on the ship or they have ever seen are either strange or just mildly interesting, and only one or two of them can be said to be cute.

Another making-laugh-hard moment appears in about the middle of the episode as Liza prepares a contingency plan to recover her comrades before dying to the wholesomeness of the animals in front of them, which is by teleporting them back immediately as soon as they are freaking out.

The way every person in the group begins to be sucked and sent away through the portal above their heads is extremely funny, as it is executed as if they are literally being abducted and even dead. 

In the end, Liza is sent back to Earth to continue her life with Yozora and her survey about humanity and its animals. 

What adds fuel to the flame is the fact that the captain has to transform into a Super Saiyan in order to hold still, and Liza’s idea to teleport everyone is also applied to herself, who gets hypnotized by elephants.

In Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2, we can expect Liza to discover new cute and cuddly animals to enhance humanity.

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Source by SynergySP

Kawaisugi Crisis is directed by Jun Hatori and scripted by Aya Satsuki. Characters are designed by Mayumi Tanabe, and the music is composed by Shun Narita and Yusuke Seo.

Animation is produced by studio SynergySP with Chiho Wada serving as art director.

 You can find the list of Kawaisugi Crisis characters and voice cast below:

 YozoraNatsumi Fujiwara
 Liza LunaYumiri Hanamori
 Garumi LouAyasa Itō
 Mitsuhiko AzumiHikaru Midorikawa
 Seiji MukaiJin Ogasawara
 Mikiti FurupururinKenichi Ogata
 Mitra LilKyōka Moriya
 Sasara AzumiMiyu Tomita
 Nazuna EndōNene Hieda
 Fianna TierleyReina Kondo
 Komachi KokageReina Ueda
 Kasumi YanagiSaya Aizawa
 Shamil NagaTakehito Koyasu
 Amato RoyYūichi Nakamura
 Rasta ColeYume Miyamoto
 Kaoru MamizukaChiaki Kobayashi
 Namikaze SameiFumihiko Tachiki
 Gaim LouKazuhiro Nakaya
 Ryūnosuke MakimuraManami Hanawa
 Chiharu KumadoriNatsu Yorita
 Sakihito SameiShūichirō Umeda
 NurumaruYuki Yagi
 IrohaYuuna Mimura


Source by SynergySP

Unfortunately, studio SynergySP s’ production capacity, coupled with the satisfactory ending of the first season, means the chances of Kawaisugi Crisis Season 2 happening are not bright.

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