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Breaking- Music Composer for Witcher Season 3 is confirmed & I Bet You Will love This Music

As the all-new Witcher Season 3 is getting ready to be released, new team members are being added daily. Recently, composer Joseph Trapanese was confirmed.

Witcher Season 3 is in production

Witcher Season 3 is in production
Source Netflix

The Witcher Season 3 has been in shoot for two and a half months. As the team- crew and cast of all new season are getting ready to shoot the remaining part in Wales, for now, scenes have been shot at and around the studio only.

Joey Batey was recently seen for the first time on the set of Witcher Season 3.

Last year it was revealed that Trapanese would be composing the series music. Now we can indeed say that it is the case. He has been contacted and confirmed again for Witcher Season 3.

Joseph Trapanese Returns to Witcher Season 3

Joseph Trapanese Returns to Witcher Season 3
Source Netflix

Witcher Season 3 Composer Confirmed- Joseph Trapanese was hired again for the new season.

An essential part of any product for a successful series involves music- without music, the life and characters become dull.Recently the composer for the upcoming season was confirmed, Joseph Trapanese. Several composers have already worked with the team of Netflix’s Witcher.

To name some- Giona Ostinelli and Sonya Belousova worked in Witcher Season 1, and Joseph Trapanese worked in Witcher Season 2. At the same time, Brian D’Oliveira worked in Nightmare of the Wolf. On the other hand, Bear McCreary worked in The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Previously, it was not confirmed who would be creating this Witcher Season 3’s music, but only recently, the Makers of the series showed the green light to Joseph Trapanese, who has already worked in Season 2.

As of now, it isn’t easy to give any detail about the type of music for the new season, but one thing can be said with certainty: we are in for a treat of Jaskier songs and vocals.

Last season we got three gems from Jaskier, including the ‘Burn Butcher Burn.’ Hiring Trapanese could indirectly suggest that his work has been noteworthy for the show’s makers, and they might want to make him the lead composer for the following seasons.

Although after season 1, the Producers changed the composers, which was not something the audience expected. It is because fans very well received the music amongst the fans, and they were a little taken back. Even critics who were not impressed with the season were amazed by the music of Ostinelli and Belousova.

Now Joseph Trapanese will be taking charge of two seasons consecutively, and it looks like the producers are happy with his work and want to continue with his services. Any other change in composer or music for future seasons seems highly improbable. Although if need be, composers and other team members can be replaced.

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Here is a video of Joseph Trapanese giving an inside view of how he and his team created the music for Season 2; fans can expect the same for Witcher Season 3:

Credits: Owner of the video


Conclusion June 20
Source Netflix

Witcher Season 3 will be in production till September 2022 as they want to release the new season in 2023. The prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin is currently in post-production after several weeks of a reshoot, and the prequel is being made ready for release on Christmas 2022.

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