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Why Elves in Witcher Series Face Challenges to Have Babies

Why Elves in Witcher Series Face A Lot of Challenges to Have Babies

The Witcher Season 2 is more focused on Elves, and it was shown how their population struggle to have babies but didn’t mention why?

The Witcher Series on Netflix is based on the witcher books written by Andrzej Sapkowski and the witcher video games. The Witcher Season 1 was released in the year 2019, introducing the main characters of the series. Season 1 was criticized a lot because of its confusing timeline, but the characters turned out great.

The main characters around whom the story revolves are: a Witcher, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), who hunts monsters to earn a living; a child, Princess Cirilla of Cintra, Ciri (Freya Allan), who has the potential to end the world; a powerful sorcerer, Yennefer of Vengerberg (Anya Chalotra), was shown with physical deformities in the starting but cured herself with magic.

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The Witcher Season 2 was released recently, in December 2021, which entailed a sorted timeline and various adventures of the main characters. Season 2 covers the journey of Geralt and Ciri to Kaer Morhen, Geralt’s hometown, alongside exploring the depths of their father-daughter relationship. In the witcher Season 2, among others, the Elves were given more focus, and their struggles and suffering have been explored.

The Witcher Season 1 included a very less number of Elves, from which fans might remember only one named Dara, who helped Ciri escape the dangers of the Nilfgaardian army and kept her safe. However, the Witcher Season 2 include a lot of Elves and how they are being treated by humans.

The Witcher Season 2, among the main characters, introduced various other important characters, one of which was the ruler of the Elven clan, Francesca Findabair (Mecia Simson), who was a powerful mage. Francesca only wanted to keep her people safe from the tortures of humans and create a home for each of them.

The Witcher Season 2: Elves Struggle to Have Babies

Why Elves in Witcher Series Face A lot of Challenges to Have Babies
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In the Witcher Season 2, Francesca and Fringilla, a powerful sorcerer who was leading the army of Nilfgaard during the Battle of Sodden Hill, joined hands together for each other’s benefit. Francesca agreed to share her Elves army to fight for Fringilla, and in return, Fringilla gave a home to Elves, the whole of Cintra given to Elves to live happily.

Elves in the Witcher series, particularly Francesca, struggled to have a baby. During Yennefer, Fringilla and Francesca’s visit to the hut where they met the deathless mother in various disguises, it was revealed that Francesca had miscarriages and wanted to have her own baby this time, the wish she said to Voleth Meir, who was in Ithline’s disguise.

The Deathless Mother used her tricks and offered Francesca to build a community of Elves with a successful birth of a pure Elf. Francesca was shown pregnant, and Fringilla was taking care of her with everything she could do. During their alliance, Francesca did give birth to a beautiful baby, a baby girl, and because of that, she backed down from her alliance with Fringilla.

Why Elves in Witcher Series Face A lot of Challenges to Have Babies
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Francesca wanted to raise her baby and not fight for someone else, so she decided to forge an alliance with Fringilla and Niflgaard. But unfortunately, her baby was murdered, and the time was really difficult for Francesca. It was hinted that she faced a lot of struggles while giving birth to a baby, a pure elf, but the question is why? Why do Elves struggle to give birth to pureblood elves?

Elves lives were always longer than that of humans, and they think they were created, not evolved like humans, because of which they think of themselves as superior to humans. The physiology of Elves is very much different from that of humans. Elves Witcher Series were shown being fertile only when they are young, not in their old ages, which is one of the biggest weaknesses of Elves.

Why Elves in Witcher Series Face A lot of Challenges to Have Babies
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Elves are easily dominated by the other populations because they couldn’t populate enough, as they can only give birth when they are young, which was the reason why the whole army of Elves celebrated the birth of Francesca’s child. The birth of a pure elf gave the community hope of repopulating the Earth with Elves. But the hope didn’t last long, as the child was murdered after a few days—the murder of Francesca’s child led to killing all the babies in Redania as revenge for Francesca.

At the end of the Witcher Season 2, the Elves, with a vengeance, got information from Istredd that a child of Elder Blood does exist who is a Princess named Cirilla. The Child with Elder Blood has been prophecized to end the whole world, and now with the suffering given by humans to elves, Francesca wants to get her hands on Ciri for Elves betterment. The future of Elves is in the hands of Ciri, and the upcoming season, Witcher Season 3, will unfold the clashes between Elves and humans.

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