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The Zod Update in The Flash Movie Backs Up The Biggest Villain Theory

Newly disclosed information by Michael Shannon, who played General Zod, provides evidence to support various theories about the primary antagonist in the upcoming The Flash movie.

Michael Shannon, who reprised his role as General Zod in “The Flash,” has provided crucial information that supports the theory about the main antagonist in the upcoming DC movie. In the film, Ezra Miller plays the role of Barry Allen, who tries to change his past but alters the entire DC Universe, causing a merging of multiple realities.

Although the plot features a Kryptonian invasion by Zod and his army in the absence of Superman, there appears to be a more significant threat that remains undisclosed.

Consequently, this implies that Zod will be just one of the many perils amidst the chaos of the multiverse. Nevertheless, the initial trailer for “The Flash” hints at Zod being positioned as a significant adversary that Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle, will confront after teaming up with two versions of Barry Allen and Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Who Is General Zod?

Who Is Zod
Who Is Zod

One of Superman’s toughest opponents is recognized as General Zod. Terrence Stamp’s portrayal of the Kryptonian commander in the 1981 film “Superman II” was widely regarded as an intimidating and impressive performance, setting high standards for future actors in the role.

However, despite Michael Shannon’s attempts to add complexity to the character in “Man of Steel,” the script does not provide him with sufficient material to fully showcase his acting abilities. Shannon reappears as a lifeless body in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” a film he has admitted to falling asleep while watching.

Michael Shannon lacks emotional investment in his portrayal of General Zod. However, this is perhaps understandable given that the film in which he first appeared, “Man of Steel,” was released almost a decade ago, and Zod’s death at the hands of Superman (played by Henry Cavill) continues to be one of the most controversial decisions made in any comic book movie.

/It is worth noting that throughout the various DC cinematic adaptations, numerous compelling and multifaceted villains have been played by performers who exhibited a real passion for the source material.

Unfortunately, Zod is not one of those characters, and it feels somewhat odd to spend more time exploring a role that is best left in the past, given that the character met his demise in the movie above.

Zod Cannot Be The Flash’s Main Villian Now

Zod Cannot Be The Flash's Main Villian Now
Zod Cannot Be The Flash’s Main Villian Now

According to Michael Shannon, the time he spent filming his scenes as General Zod for “The Flash” was relatively brief. He mentioned that he was on set in England for only a few weeks, suggesting that his role in the film may be insignificant.

Shannon also confirmed that the upcoming DC movie does not exclusively center around the Superman villain, indicating that General Zod will not be the primary antagonist in the story.

While Zod is expected to be a significant threat that must be addressed, particularly given the confirmed absence of Superman in this warped reality, it appears that Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, will have to contend with a new villain entirely.

It seems that General Zod’s appearance in “The Flash” will be one of the most visually striking consequences of Barry Allen’s actions. With DC Studios shifting their focus towards a new DCU under the guidance of new heads James Gunn and Peter Safran, featuring one of the villains from “Man of Steel” will undoubtedly be an exciting callback that brings with it a sense of danger and unpredictability.

Moreover, since the film deals with time manipulation, Zod’s presence in the movie adds more complexity to the story. However, given that Zod’s role in the film is expected to be limited, it appears likely that “The Flash” will have to contend with a much more formidable and powerful adversary, one who possesses comparable speed and the ability to alter reality.

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The Problem with Zod IS That We Know Nothing About Him

The Problem with Zod IS That We Know Nothing About Him (1)
The Problem with Zod IS That We Know Nothing About Him (1)

The attempt to provide General Zod with a compelling backstory in “Man of Steel” is evident, particularly in the opening sequence where Jor-El sends baby Clark to Earth. However, Shannon’s portrayal of the character must be more subtle and nuanced.

He relies on over-the-top shouting and aggression to convey Zod’s rage and thirst for revenge against Jor-El and the Kryptonian Council. While his infamous line “I will find him” has become iconic for all the wrong reasons, the film fails to provide Shannon with enough material to shine in the role truly.

Shannon’s performances in other films, such as “Bug,” “Nocturnal Animals,” “99 Homes”, “The Shape of Water,” and “Premium Rush,” showcase his ability to excel when allow being exaggerated and theatrical.

The timeline of Man of Steel could be more coherent due to the frequent flashbacks, so General Zod is given minimal character development. Despite his desire to rebuild the Kryptonian codex and create a perfect society, Zod lacks any interest in leadership beyond his destructive path.

The film fails to explore his relationship with other Kryptonians trapped in the Phantom Zone, and his backstory needs to be elaborated upon, except for his war crimes. Had Zod been granted a family, a moment of vulnerability, or a weakness that added more complexity to his character, it could have made him more interesting to revisit. However, as portrayed in the film, Zod remains relatively one-dimensional and not worth revisiting.

The return of Zod in The Flash serves as a reminder of the contentious final scenes of Man of Steel, where the Metropolis’s destruction was controversial. While the destruction of cities is a common trope in superhero films, the graphic depiction of urban terrorism and civilian casualties made audiences uneasy, as evidenced by the adverse reaction to the scene where Superman snaps Zod’s neck.

The fact that The Flash is revisiting parts of Zod’s attack on Earth suggests that this storyline may overshadow other film elements already packed with cameo appearances.

If Zod Is Not The Main Villian, Then It Will Be Alt Barry Allen

If Zod Is Not The Main Villian, Then It Will Be Alt Barry Allen
If Zod Is Not The Main Villian, Then It Will Be Alt Barry Allen

The leading candidate for the main villain in The Flash is likely the alternate version of Barry Allen, as seen in the initial trailer. Alongside Batman and Supergirl, both versions of Barry will collaborate to reset their respective realities.

However, this other speedster could quickly become a rival to Barry, given his clothing and color scheme that resembles the yellow and black outfit of Reverse-Flash, Barry’s comic book archenemy. Additionally, one could argue that Reverse-Flash’s literal reflection of Barry Allen fits the villain’s name more than the original comic book character Eobard Thawne.

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