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All About Your Midnight MHA Character

Japanese Superhero manga series include the character Midnight MHA who is an R-Rated Hero. We will be sharing all the information about her.

Anime has become a normal part of our daily lives, and the manga series, My Hero Academia, another exciting adventure given to the world by Kōhei Horikoshi. The narrative of this series covers the journey of a boy, Izuku Midoriya, who was born without superpowers in a world full of superheroes.

Japan’s greatest superhero, All Might, was searching for Izuku, and after realizing his potential, All Might made Izuku his successor. All Might helps Izuku with all the training by enrolling him in a school of superheroes.

All About Your Midnight MHA Character
Source by MHA

The MHA Season 1 was released in 2016, the second season in 2017, the third in 2018, the fourth in 2019-20, and the fifth and last in 2021. The next season, MHA Season Sixth, is on its way to being released, and the fans are really excited about it.

The Mu Hero Academia Series has received a lot of positive responses from both the critics and the viewers, and this series is considered to be one of the best in the 2010s. The MHA series has won several awards, one of which is the Harvey Award of Best Manga in the year 2019. Along with the series, the characters in it are becoming quite popular. One of the MHA characters, Midnight, we will share all that we have discovered about her.

Midnight MHA

All About Your Midnight MHA Character
Source by MHA

The R-Rated Hero: Midnight is one of the pro Heroes in the universe of My Hero Academia. The real name of Midnight is Nemuri Kayama, who was also a faculty member at U.A. High School and taught Modern Art Hero History to the students.

According to Manga, MHA Midnight was born on 9th March and is 32 years old. Nemuri Kayama, aka Midnight was a tall and curvaceous woman who got sky blue colour eyes. Her hair was spiky dark purple and was really long as they touched down her waist.

The character Midnight is a dominatrix and a sadist, because of which she used to constantly shift her character from a playful and flirtatious woman to a serious and temperamental one. Whenever someone interrupts Nemuri or insults her, she gets really angry, and she is really sensitive about someone insulting her, especially about her age.

Despite MHA Midnight’s flirtatious personality, the character was quite intelligent, perspective, and communicative. As in one interview, Midnight logically explained the reason superheroes’ costumes are revealing, which helps them to fully use their Quirks.

All About Your Midnight MHA Character
Source by MHA

Midnight’s Quirk was Somnambulist, which allowed her to make people fall asleep by releasing a sleep-inducing aroma from her body, which mostly better worked on males rather than females. Along with her Quirk, Nemuri used four types of equipment; one is ‘Whips of Love,’ which is a wielded flogger-style whip that helps in combat which was wielded by her only. Another piece of equipment is ‘Feather Fan,’ in which a pair of fans are used to spread her sleep-inducing aroma better.

The third piece of equipment is her ‘Ultra Thin Fabric Suit’ which helps her use the Quirk more effectively, as it exposes too much skin and is made up of material that could easily rip. In the suit, she wears a black leotard over a thing bodysuit with stockings and has handcuffs on both of her wrists.

The last piece of equipment is ‘High-Density Weights,’ which are used by Midnight along with the rest of the teachers, which gave them handicaps while trying to fight with their students, mostly as a part of their training.

The MHA Midnight character, Nemuri Kayama, was supposed to teach the class of 1-A as a homeroom teacher, but the author had other plans. The author wanted someone who could be more strict with the students, and Midnight was replaced by Shouta Aizawa.

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