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Uncle From Another World Season 2: Renewal Status + Release Date Predictions 

Uncle From Another World Season 2 could be a long wait but when will it release?

Reverse isekai albeit makes up a tiny portion of the isekai genre is more often than a fun watch. Traditionally in isekai, human characters get either reincarnated or transported into a fantasy world and must find ways to survive in this realm.

However, reverse isekai is quite the opposite wherein a character from a fantasy world or bygone era is transported into the modern world and consequently finds a way to adjust and adapt to a new society.

Reverse isekai is admittedly not watched in big numbers as its counterpart but has given the likes of Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero, Devil is Part Timer, and Ya Boy Kongming! Which have become cult classics in this genre.

Adding to the small yet fun watch reverse isekai list is Netflix s’ latest adaption of Hotondoshindeiru s’ manga series Uncle From Another World.

The story follows Takafumi Takaoka s’ uncle Yosuke Shibazaki who has been lying in a coma for 17 years due to a fatal truck accident. Shibazaki finally wakes up from his comatose and starts speaking a foreign language to Takafumi s’ surprise.

Shibazaki reveals he had been transported into another magical world called Granbahamal but Takafumi ignores his uncle s’ talks as delusional and rubbish.

He informs the whole family is separated including his sister who has completely disowned him.

But Takafumi believes his claims when his uncle levitates a glass of water through incantations and wind magic which prompts an idea in Takafumi s’ head.

Since his uncle has been in a coma, Takafumi has been struggling financially but upon seeing his uncle s’ magical abilities he decides to use them as a source for making money and creates a YouTube channel with him.

While Takafumi is well versed with modern technology, his uncle struggles to get up to speed with the internet, and gadgets and especially knowing the result of console wars wherein SEGA doesn’t exist in the console market.

Can Takafumi and his uncle get out of the financial rut coupled with tackling online trolls and comments is the central plot of the show.

Despite the fact, Uncle From Another World Season one is on hiatus, fans were wondering whether the series will return for a second season once it resumes.

If you have the same question and looking for an answer, keep scrolling to find out more on all the latest news and updates about Uncle From Another World Season 2.

Uncle From Another World is rated 7.8/10 and ranked #791 with 203k members on MyAnimeList.


Uncle From Another World SEASON 2 RENEWAL STATUS
Source by Netflix

Uncle From Another World Season one premiered on 6th July 2022 and as of writing 7 of the 13 scheduled episodes have been aired with the latest episode released on 31st August 2022.

Currently, there is no information or update from Netflix on the renewal of Uncle From Another World Season 2.

Uncle From Another World Season 16th July 2022
Uncle From Another World Season 2Yet to be Announced

Unfortunately, back in August 2022, the first season broadcast had to be stopped indefinitely due to an outburst of the pandemic virus within the staff and subcontractors as the show s’ official Twitter confirmed the postponement of future episodes.

On 19th November 2022, the show s’ official Twitter account announced the return and confirmed Uncle From Another World Episode 8 air date as 24th November 2022.

Netflix s’ anime exclusives are more often than not renewed with the likes of Beast Stars, Ultraman, and Record of Ragnarok, all receiving second installments.Hence, it won’t come as a surprise if Uncle From Another World season 2 is greenlit for production as well. 

With that being said, the only cause for concern is the lack of source material which will hinder the chances of a second season any time soon. 

The writer took three years to write 7 volumes and it’s expected the first season will use up the entire seven volumes which leaves the creators with no source material.

So, if the manga chapters are published monthly, Uncle From Another World Season 2 trailer and Uncle From Another World Season 2 release date can be expected in 2025 at the earliest.


Uncle From Another World MANGA CATCHUP (1)
Source by Netflix

Uncle From Another World manga is written and illustrated by Hotondoshindeiru. It began serialization on the ComicWalker website and app on 29th June 2018.The manga has been collected into 8 volumes with the latest issue released on 20th August 2022.

As of August 2022, Uncle From Another World manga has sold 2 million copies for Volume 1-8 and was ranked #10 on the Top Ten Manga Sold in Japan on Week 5 of August 2022.

Uncle From Another World manga is rated 7.8/10 and ranked #1108 with 12k members on MyAnimeList.


Uncle From Another World Season 2 PLOT 1
Source by Netflix

Uncle From Another World Season 2 will most likely begin by adapting the eighth volume of the manga and pick up from where season one left off.

Takafumi tells his uncle that YouTube has introduced a new live-streaming feature but the latter is opposed to this idea as he believes professionals should be producing edited videos.

Regardless of their differences with live streaming, the pair manage to rake up the views and likes on their videos.

Fujimiya gets curious about the magic tricks performed by Takafumi s’ uncle but he warns her not to watch their videos.

Takafumi takes his uncle to a modern coffee shop he is surprised by the variety of options on the menu. A discussion begins to take shape between Takafumi s’ uncle and the girls in the shop which is between, eBooks and physical novels.

Uncle From Another World Season 2 characters and plotlines would only progress with mysteries surrounding the dungeon and its monsters.



_Uncle From Another World CAST, CHARACTER, AND CREW
Source by Netflix

Uncle From Another World anime is directed by Shigeki Kawai and scripted by Kenta Ihara. Characters are designed by Kazuhiro Ota and the music is composed by Kenichiro Suehiro. Animation is produced by AtelierPontdarc and the series is licensed by Netflix.

You can find the list of Uncle From Another World characters and crew below:

 TakafumiJun Fukuyama
 FujimiyaMikako Komatsu
 OjisanTakehito Koyasu
 MabelAoi Yūki
 ElfHaruka Tomatsu
SawaeHisako Kanemoto
 EdgerKenichi Suzumura
 RaigaNobuhiko Okamoto
 Mori-yanAsuna Tomari
 KacchanMutsumi Tamura
 Chiaki FujimiyaWataru Takagi


Source by Netflix

Uncle From Another World Season 2 could take a while but the weird and whacky series has certainly clicked with the fans.

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