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Writing an Anime Essay for College | SuperHero ERA

Writing an Anime Essay for College

Is it OK to write about anime in a college essay? It depends on how it is written, though, so yes. All you have to do is write it without seeming weird.

Although there are restrictions, you should write about anime in your college essay if you believe it to be significant enough to you. However, there are guidelines to follow; just stick to them or hire a write my paper service to avoid rejecting your essay.

There’s this general perception that applicants to colleges are sure of being placed in the “rejected pile” if they write about trivial subjects. You undoubtedly hear this story frequently: “If you write on ‘x,’ your work will be rejected immediately!”

Most often, the admissions committee strongly advises students to write about the subjects that most interest them because it is honest to their hearts and simplifies the process for them to submit to the admissions office.

Selecting the Right Anime

Okay, to be honest, there are a lot of pretty unusual anime shows available, and the broader culture surrounding them is much crazier.

Every college has admissions officials, and they are people just like you! As a result, they are aware of what anime is and, to a certain extent, the cultural allusions that some of them include. It’s crucial to note that you can’t simply write about any anime. Here is a general guideline.

Would someone in academics between 30 and 45 consider it odd if you had to describe it to them personally? If the response is affirmative, you shouldn’t submit it.

Writing about Batman and Iron Man is perfectly acceptable for admissions essays to put things in perspective. Nobody objects when these characters fight crime while wearing tights.

What is improper, then?

  • anything that is overly naive
  • anything that is very violent
  • anything that uses a lot of language

Now, this is present in a lot of anime. But the majority of them are teen-friendly enough that it works flawlessly.

For instance, while there is some violence in episodes like Inuyasha, the show’s underlying ideas and motifs are thought-provoking and exciting for young adults, making it a great topic.

We would strongly advise covering anime movies that are recognized as film masterpieces. These subjects are profound, indicating that you greatly appreciate the arts. Akira or any other Hayao Miyazaki production, like “Spirited Away,” would make excellent topics for an entrance essay.

If you’re unsure whether your topic merits consideration, consider discussing it with one of the best essay writing services to determine whether it is appropriate for the essay.

Being distinctive among other college essay writers who discuss anime

This is a highly crucial point.

Consider writing an essay for college about anime like you would write an essay about violin or piano. Although there is nothing improper with playing the violin or piano, you must demonstrate your individuality because you are one of many students.

Although discussing anime during the admissions process is not unusual, each person’s experiences are different. We advise employing the “Show, Don’t Tell” strategy. You must show the readers how the anime community has influenced or helped you become a strong candidate. Use this information to your advantage by informing the admissions committee about your experiences and providing more examples. This will set your essay out from the rest of the applicant pool and give it a unique perspective.

Creating an essay for college without appearing weird

Academic writing for college about anime is not strange. The subject might make things uncomfortable in many different ways.

Most of the time, all that needs to be done is to write more about the vital aspects of the paper and less about the irrelevant ones.

Consider a typical Star Wars enthusiast. There are fans of Star Wars who are not socially insecure, and some who are. The difference is that the first one knows when to stop talking about it, while the latter frequently does not.

Therefore, in terms of the essay, you should consider when and where it is appropriate to bring up the specifics of anime. How much specific information about the shows you enjoy should you give? When do you begin discussing how it has impacted you?

Below are some examples of effective and ineffective college essay structures for anime.

Cringeworthy: Only discusses the reasons why your favorite anime is your fave.

As you can clearly see, the first one doesn’t meet the purpose of the college essay, which is to learn more about the applicant. This would be similar to going on a nerdy rant for college admissions, which would be confusing.

Not cringeworthy: How Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki brought you closer to your family through its archetypal symbols and meanings.

The reader is not diverted from the main idea by the second option’s utilization of the anime topic. This leads to how the applicant improved their relationship with their family due to the movie, which helps deal with the issue head-on.

We know it can be tough to write an essay for college about anime. Some applicants might still feel uncomfortable discussing it in front of academics. Even if it is anime, we still strongly suggest writing on the subject you are most enthusiastic about. We’ve only noticed that the results were the best when applicants wrote about topics they were most passionate about.

Concentrate on the personal connection your subject has with you

As we mentioned a few lines previously, your college essay on anime should demonstrate some aspect of your personality.

Most of the time, admissions officers are not very interested in the subject matter of your essay. Of course, it matters. But what interests them is what that subject says about you. Regarding the show, you must exhibit a particular character trait about yourself to the readers.

Let’s assume you are a fan of the television series Code Geass. You may have felt astonishment and surprise when watching the show and hearing Lelouch speak for the first time. His magnetism and rebellious attitude permeated your life since you had always felt it but could never put it into action.

In conclusion, the anime industry may have aided in developing a more assertive personality that has a beneficial knock-on effect on your academic performance and social interactions.

Great. Is that clear? Here’s another illustration.

Say you adore the television program Vampire Knight. Talking about how thrilling it was for you to see a typical girl subdue a man who resembled a beast is insufficient. It would be more effective to demonstrate how seeing this “Beauty and the Beast” allegory was an eye-opening experience that made you appreciate the beauty that results from drama. It might have enabled you to access a creative side that, as a more rational thinker, you were never aware of. STEM majors would do exceptionally well in this topic.

How does your subject make you a strong prospect for college?

Bring your essay back to the critical question the admissions committee is asking: How does your writing demonstrate why you are a serious contender?

Make sure to mention explicitly or implicitly how your topic makes you a fantastic applicant for college when composing your writing assignment about anime.

The ethics and principles you picked up from older anime programs helped form the basis of your thought today and aid in developing your social abilities. This would make you a strong contender because you could network with other students successfully because of your well-developed social skills.

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